Cyclone CTM-5 Timing Module

About Us

Cyclone has been serving the ISP, WISP, and Telco space since 2004 through a partnership with Last Mile Gear and Motorola Canopy with the advent of Cyclone radios and timing modules. Today, a wholly owned subsidiary of WAV, LLC, Cyclone provides a portfolio of high-quality products that stand as the backbone of robust and reliable networks. Among these, our CTM5 Network Timing Device is paramount, offering unmatched synchronization and stability in data transmission for a seamless network experience. Moreover, our premium Coaxial and DC Power Cables are not only durable but are also engineered to convey optimal signal strength.

Crafted with precision and an uncompromising commitment to quality

Each product in our lineup, from the resilient J-Arm Mounts to high-grade Cables, is designed to withstand varying conditions without a hitch, ensuring sustained performance. Cyclone is dedicated to empowering ISPs, WISPs, and Telcos with the tools and equipment necessary to construct and maintain superior and dependable networks. With products synonymous with quality and reliability, we invite you to elevate your network’s reliability and performance with Cyclone, where connectivity excellence begins.